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Editorial April 2022 – Why Insurace Matters

The unexpected events of the past few years have made financial protection a front of mind matter for most Australians. Now more than ever we appreciate that life does not always go the way we plan. Having a plan in place if things do take an unexpected turn can mean that our health, lifestyle and family are better protected.

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Market Wrap March 2022: Inflation hits another 40 year high

Global shares fell 2.8% and 5.5% in unhedged and hedged terms, respectively, which was a similar result to what we saw in January. Global emerging markets fell 5.8% over the month.

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Editorial March 2022 – Be in control of your retirement

Are you approaching retirement? Then chances are the funding of your lifestyle in retirement may be on your mind. Take steps now to avoid getting caught short on retirement income and live the retirement lifestyle you want.

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Market Wrap February 2022: Market slump in January

Global shares fell 2.2% and 5.1% in unhedged and hedged terms, respectively. Global emerging markets rose 1.2% over the month.

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Editorial February 2022 – Why aged care matters

The last couple of years have been tough on a lot of people with the COVID pandemic throwing the world into chaos and taking a toll on our physical, mental, financial and emotional wellbeing.

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Editorial January 2022 – A new year is a chance for a fresh start

New year is a great time for making lifestyle changes, however, for goals and changes affecting your financial health, there’s often no better time than when starting a new job.

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Market Wrap December 2021: Sentiment Sours

Global shares fell 1.6% and rose 3.7% in hedged and unhedged terms, respectively. Global markets fell (in local currency terms) driven by concerns over a new coronavirus variant, Omicron, emerging from southern Africa.

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inTouch Q4 2021

In our final edition of inTouch magazine for 2021 we share a few articles worth thinking about as we close out on a challenging year and look forward, optimistically, to 2022.

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Market Wrap November 2021: Mixed investor sentiment abounds

Global shares rose 5.4% and 1.7% in hedged and unhedged terms, respectively. The market was led higher by US stocks with the Nasdaq (a tech-heavy index) up 7.3% while the benchmark S&P 500 index was up 6.9% (both in USD terms) as investors were positive on the September quarter earnings results with tech giant Microsoft up 17.9% as one example.

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Editorial November 2021 – Teaching your kids healthy money habits

With a few simple changes, you could set a good example for your children.

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